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Why on earth 'Sri Lanka Portal' went ahead and offered to list almost all the Sri Lankan television channel websites. Listing TV channels of Sri Lanka is not exactly the same as giving summaries of Sri Lanka TV channels with an illustration. You can't keep bad mouthing about web portals and the same time enjoy contents of 'Sri Lanka Portal', really. Think about it.

ITN (Independent Television Network), the first television network of Sri Lanka, was launched on the 13th of April 1979. Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) was created by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Act in 1882. In 1992 Sri Lankan government permitted the establishment of private television networks.

Swarnavahini - Sri Lanka

Swarnavahini brings you the most trendsetting entertainment programs from Sri Lanka and the latest, up-to-the-minute news updates including the top local stories and current affairs.

Today on Swarnavahini section presets you with the programs that are to be broadcasted today itself. You can then be better informed on those programs and can decide which programs to watch. In only on Swarnavahini section find the most precious programs that Swarnavahini has to offer. The flash slide show at home page featuring Swarnavahini's most popular programs is good place to find out the television programs that is a best match for your needs and wants. According to their title of the home page Swarnavahini is the Sri Lanka's most popular TV channel. You will also find a live webcast at the home page.

Find links to News, Live, Ehipassiko, Mulpituwa, Rasasarangiya, Sihinaniwahana, Rathuira, Chathurya, Me My Style and many more.

Other notable programs that Swarnavahini offers you are Live at 8, Live at 12, Sri Lanka News, Swarnavahini News, Breaking News, Sinhala News, Sinhala News Video, Colombo News, Know the Truth, Truthful News, News First, Aththa Danaganna, Sinhala, Sri Lanka TV Channel, Rasasaraniya, Sihinaniwahana, Dream Home, Rathu Ira, Ehipassiko.

ITN - Sri Lanka

ITN or Independent Television Network, Sri Lanka’s leading news site with streaming videos. They boast about them being the pioneer television in Sri Lanka.

They also claim to be "your family channel". Find links to their partner media site from the itn home page. Their media network consists of many other media organizations such as Lakhanda, Prime radio, Prime TV and several major Tamil media organizations.

Independent Television Network offers you Official links section which contains links to President of Sri Lanka, Media Center for National Security, Ministry of Defense, Peace Secretariat, Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Police and many more...

This week section is a very useful informative section of the website home page. It is divided into several subsections as Drama, Discussion, Magazine and Entertainment where you find links to detailed descriptions of those programs.

For example if you were to click Doramadalawa link on this week >> Discussion section, you will be presented with Doramadalawa program. (Live discussion by eminent panelists on social cultural & economic issues with a view to enhancing social values & thinking. Presenter: Hasantha Hettiarachchi)

You can watch itn new videos at Independent Television Network. Find links to Home, News, Programs, Advertising, Receiving ITN, and About ITN and Contact us. You can visit lankapuwath directly from the home page link.

Tv Derana - Sri Lanka

TV Derana - Sri Lanka's Premium Entertainment Channel- Sinhala teledrama, Sinhala mp3, Sinhala music videos. Derana Dream star is a very popular television program in Sri Lanka. TV Derana starred the youngest Sri Lankan Super Star Himasha Manupriya Disanayaka. You can find out about him and many other superstars at TV Derana home page. Today program highlights section offers you the details of programs which can be watched today itself. Latest Songs section features the most popular songs in Sri Lanka. Most of the space of the home page of has devoted to promote their TV programs. You can find a link where you will be able to meet the Derana TV presenters. If you want to enter the magical world where beauty meets intelligence and glamour, then there is link. Register for Derana Miss Sri Lanka and Miss World. Discover Sri Lanka's all new social network sites with online chatting at Derana Fan book. Register with them now start socializing.

Find out about sri lanka breaking news, news, gossips, Sri Lankan actress, Sri Lankan actors, teledrama, Sri Lankan Teledrama, reality shows, srilankan reality shows, Entertainment, Sinhala mp3, Documentaries, Educational programs, cartoons. Select your preferred language. Find links to FM Derana and Derana E Shop. The most popular TV programs of Derana TV includes Derana Miss Sri Lanka, Mama Wasanawanthai(Yes I Can), Mithra Samagama, Aadaraneeya Purnima, Saveena, Yathraa, Wiwaha, Music Factory, Punchi Sathsara and Derana Dream Star.

Sirasa TV - Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sirasa TV - The People's Channel - Sri Lanka. Sirasa TV is the Sinhala language channel. It has the highest gross rating points of any channel in Sri Lanka. Its program content comprises entertainment, news and current affairs. Site offers a nice animation containing almost all of its programs. Obada Lakshapathi Mamada Lakshapathi, Diganthaya, Super Star, Art Eka, Liyathambara, Rasa risi gee, Kadalla, Iroshai Niroshai, Punchi Panchi, Raja Kaduwa, Sirasa Dawadda, Kids First, Rampe Karapincha, Karata Kara, Home Game, Our Champions, Hina Ina are some notable programs of Sirasa TV.

Sirasa TV home page offers useful and updated information on Sri Lanka's major events. For example it has devoted a large space on the home page for an ICC Cricket World Cup which is nearing its start at Sri Lanka.

Find facebook like section at the end of the home page. Like Sirasa TV from the like button and instantly you will appear their home page. Find links to home, dramas, programs, schedule, and news and contact us sections.

Rupavahini - Sri Lanka

The national channel of Sri Lanka is bought you by Sri Lanka Rupavahini (TV) Corporation. Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporations network consists of three other sister channels other than The national channel of Sri Lanka including but not limited to Channel Eye and NTV.

At the time of this review there were arount 190 unique visitors online at the official website of the national channel of Sri Lanka, The Rupavahini Channel. This is an indication of the utility of this particular site to their customers. At the top of the site you'll find links to Sinhala, Tamil and English News which will lead you to watch news by selecting day and other relavant criteria. If you looking for the live mobile access for Rupavahini channel of Sri Lanka, the url is at top left corner.

Today's Programme Schedule gives you an idea of the programs which you can watch on Rupawahini channel just now. The website of the national channel of Sri Lanka gives you the oppotunity to watch Rupavahini channel online from their home page. At the bottom you'll find a link to a webpage where you can give your comments and suggestions for Rupavahini channel of Sri Lanka.

Channel 1 MTV - Sri Lanka

"MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited is the premier private television network in Sri Lanka. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual receiving and transmitting equipment, MTV's signals are beamed, free-to-air across Sri Lanka. The Station reaches about 80% of the country with coverage of 85% of the TV sets in Sri Lanka." -MTV Channel of Sri Lanka

MTV's Sihala Brother is Sirasa TV and his Tamil Brother is Shakthi TV. Their father is Capital Maharaja Organization Limited. Their courage to be different is an example to other media networks.

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