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Sri Lanka Bus Routes

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Ministry of Transport - Sri Lanka

If you were to visit the Ministry of Transport - Sri Lanka web site from the above link, you would be prompted to select the preferred language Sinhala, Tamil and English. News and Events section provides you with the latest news stories regarding Ministry of Transport - Sri Lanka. You can find many other useful links at the home page. e.g. Sri Lanka Railways, Sri Lanka Transport Board, Department of Motor Traffic, National Transport Commision, etc. Statics section gives you useful data about Sri Lanka Transport Board. In projects link you will find various ongoing projects of Ministry of Transport - Sri Lanka. There is a seperate page for tenders.

National Transport Commision

National Transport Commision's vision is "To advise the Government of Sri Lanka on the National Policy relating to passenger transport by omnibus and to establish necessary regulatory framework to ensure an efficient bus transportation system, to meet the transport needs of the public." To read there vision and goals visit the website. You'll find out seperate website sections for passengers, operators, tenders, events and vacancies.

Wikipedia - Sri Lanka Bus Routes - Sri Lanka

Almost all the bus routes are listed at Wikipedia. Help Wikipedia to improve that article.

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