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ART Television Broadcasting Company (Private) Limited re-defines Sri Lanka’s Media experience through a compelling mix of content, technology and service. The Channel operates 24 hours on a free-to-air basis with a program content sourced from leading international program suppliers.

The Channel broadcasts 15 hours of exclusive CNN International coverage daily, along with 9 hours of varied international and local entertainment content that encompasses the latest Movies, Features, Comedies, Dramas, Soaps, Music, Sports, local Business News, Current Affairs and a special 1 hour Cartoon Network belt. visit Art TV website

ART Television Studios is equipped with cutting edge technology to produce and edit your content. To ensure your production runs smoothly we have all the expertise and infrastructure from pre to post production on hand. Sri Lanka.

Max TV - Sri Lanka

With Max TV you can watch movies and TV series. In the viewers choice movie section of their home page you can vote for your favorite movie to watch live on friday as friday movie. Find links to their facebook fanpage.

 Max TV is saving the digital media arts in Sri Lanka. Max Television with a transport honest tradition has been capable to build our own strong foundation. In a short period of time. We have given a respectful service for our society as well as the media field. Meaningful and quality programs have made Max Television popular among our viewers of Sri Lanka.

The most popular programs are Max Good Evening, Life of Music, 4th Floor, Max Trax, Dinala Balanna, All about me, Music Park, Max Focus and Sindu Chandaya. (Please note these programs were given top priority in Max TV websites home page.) You can watch max television on your mobile phone. Discover how to do that at Max TV home page. section offers you live TV experience. Visit for max news.

Siyatha TV - Sri Lanka

Siyatha TV is a private Sri Lankan analog television channel currently broadcasting in Colombo in the Sinhala language. It is owned by Voice of Asia Network (Pvt) Ltd.

From the above link you'll be reached at Siyatha TV home page where you'll be exposed to live streaming video from Siyatha TV. Watch Siyatha TV Online. Vettri TV is said to be a sister of Siyatha TV and both of them is owned by Voice of Asia Network Pvt Ltd. Voice of Asia is expected to have a new child, Real TV, in coming months.

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