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How many radio stations in Sri Lanka can boast that they are the best radio stations in Sri Lanka? Anyway very powerful radio station doesn’t erupt suddenly. For years the underlying factors keep churning and simmering till the whole drama finally comes to a head or climax and just burst out as a famous radio station in Sri Lanka. Welcome to ‘Sri Lanka Radio Stations' article, an unparalleled article at Sri Lanka Portal. Tastefully designed graphics with lush portrait page design with breathtaking views of ‘Sri Lankan Radio Station Space’ on WWW.

There are about 30 state and privately owned radio stations in Sri Lanka. Major Media organizations of Sri Lanka and their respective radio stations are listed below.

Asia Broadcasting Private Limited
  • Hiru FM
  • Gold FM
  • Sooriyan FM

Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sirasa FM
  • Shakthi FM
  • Yes FM

Colombo Communication Limited
  • Shree FM
  • E FM
  • Ran FM

Hiru FM - Sri Lanka

Hiru FM, the Number 01 Sinhala Radio Station in Sri Lanka, a member of the Asia Broadcasting Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. With nationwide transmission/coverage, Hiru FM has secured the Number 01 slot in the Sinhalese market and has been rated as the most preferred Sinhala Channel, with a massive and loyal listenership. Hiru FM Radio Station became the Radio trend of Sri Lanka, and Hiru FM radio station now being imitated both near far, as Hiru FM Radio Station has succeeded in acquiring a variety of listeners with the approach of Infotainment. Hiru FM Radio Station mesmerizes its listeners with a tantalizing music mix, whilst spearheading news reporting with an island wide as well as international network of correspondents exceeding 300, who are bound to bring the latest news updates to the listener, first and fast. Hiru FM Radio Station is, as at now, a multi-award winning Radio Station in Sri Lanka.

Sirasa FM - Sri Lanka

The number one in Sri Lankan radio station in Sri Lankan radio arena. The trend setters of the modern day broadcasting the benchmark of the all time novelty of the entertainment industry. Launched the test transmission on December 1993, and official launch took place on the 2nd March1994. Sirasa FM Radio Station had the very latest Digital technology, latest transmission equipments and the DJ style broadcasting studios – a totally new concept to Sir Lankan Radio Stations.

Sirasa Web FM feature allows you to listen live radio at Sirasa fm home page. Find download links to Pirith and Aarakshaka gaatha. The section which allows you to find notable programs of each and every day of the week is very useful in finding the appropriate programs to suite your needs and wants.

Lakhanda - Sri Lanka

Lakhanda (Voice of Lanka), the radio station came to be inaugurated on 15th November 1996, under the preview of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Eventually the Lakhanda radio station was amalgamated to ITN [independent television network] on 1997 April 1st on a government cabinet decision. On 2001 April 7th. Lakhanda radio station possesses a digital studio complex equipped with studio facilities with a new communication technology. The programs of Lakhanda radio station were transmitted on 88.5 F.M. 87.9 F.M. and 97.6 F.M. from transmitting points at Yatiyantota, Karagahatenna, Bandarawela, Deniyaya and Colombo.

SLBC,Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - Sri Lanka

SLBC has, throughout its history, been committed to its mandated task of maintaining the public service broadcasting in Sri Lanka, by way of providing the public with the information and entertainment, and fostering the social, cultural and economic development of the country, and has maintained this commitment as the core guiding principle of its programming policy. Despite the introduction of a certain amount of commercial programming into its operations, in order to partially finance it’s predominantly public service broadcasting operations, the respective station genres and the programming content are carefully designed to be within its programming policy guidelines.

Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio - Sri Lanka

The Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio transmission commenced on the 30th April, 2007 is mainly a Buddhist and cultural Radio Broadcasting Service. The main transmission is situated at Rangiri Dambulla Uyanwatta Rajamaha Viharaya premises with an all island coverage through frequencies 91.7, 96.7, 98.1` and 107.2 MH and through Web site. This will be the first broadcasting service generated from a Temple of Sri Lanka has become the first Buddhist Radio Service with its station that locates out of Colombo on National level.

The history of Rock Temple goes back to the first century B.C., commenced by the King Vattagamini Abhaya and thereafter kings, Maha Parakramabahu, Nissankamalala, Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and five cave temples, particularly named, Devaraja Viharaya, Maharaja Viharaya, and Maha Alut Viharaya. Paschima Viharaya and Devena Alut Viaharaya respectively. Find more about this place at the home page. Online Radio section allows you to listen to Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio Station online. Find links to songs that are about Rangiri Dambulla temple Sri Lanka.

Y FM - Sri Lanka

Y FM, Sri Lanka's first and truly youth radio station was launched on the 1st of December, 2005.The response was overwhelming and our target audience of 15 to 27 year olds welcomed the birth of Y FM. Everybody loves to party and Y FM launched the Y house party, Beach party, Relax party, Big bang, very special party experience for the Y FM listeners..

" Api Aluth Paramparawai (Y) "

Find links to Y FM gallery, Y FM Fan Club, Y FM Events and Y FM radio station program guide. Put an online request. Visit Cool Mix Rhythm.

SHAKTHI FM - Sri Lanka

The only Tamil radio channel with island-wide coverage, including the Jaffna Peninsula and most parts of the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, Shakthi FM broadcasts music, live news, interactive interviews and a host of other program formats that are innovations in Tamil radio in Sri Lanka.

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