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Sri Lanka Elections

Provide 'informative and exciting web browsing experience' for your family, friends and organization. Let them access the vast library of websites in Sri Lanka at Sri Lanka Portal, without having you to worry about what they are accessing. Sri Lanka Election Web Sites from Sri Lanka Portal.

Department of Elections - Sri Lanka

The principal objective of the department of elections is to conduct Presidential, Parliamentary, Provincial and Local Elections and the Holding of Referendum in a free and fair manner. At home of Department of Elections Sri Lanka, you can download circulars and notices related to elections of Sri Lanka. Find instructions for nominations to political parties. News section shows you the overview of what’s happening regarding elections in Sri Lanka. Read about history of Sri Lankan elections. Learn the electoral process in Sri Lanka.

Read about political parties. Press room gives you information regarding the press releases of department of elections Sri Lanka. Read about past elections of Sri Lanka. Find contact information and more. Information in department of elections website is also categorized according to type of the election. E.g. presidential, general, provincial council and local authorities.

Island Election Centre - Sri Lanka

Find the most updated content on Sri Lankan election arena at home page of Island Election Center, Sri Lanka. See the MP list and read their manifestos. Read feature articles. Image gallery contains a rare collection of election related photographs. Participate in 'Opinion polls'. Guess 'Who would win the election'. - Sri Lanka

You can cast your vote online their and see who will win before the actual results are out by participating the poll at home page of Manthree - Sri Lanka. Find out political history of Sri Lanka at You can receive election results online as they released by staying connected with Manthree - Sri Lanka. Find election related documents.

Find links to all major political parties’ websites that are participating to the election of Sri Lanka. You can receive current election results and election results summery instantly using a special section of the home page of Manthree Sri Lanka.

Read Sri Lanka Political Parties here

Sri Lanka Web Portal

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Sri Lanka - Weddings

Looks like somebody likes fingers. How original. When you were a child, is this what you dreamt of becoming? A person holding a finger, trying to put a ring on it. Well good job, finger grabber, You did it. Try not to cry on your ring. Hey, is that a ring!

"I knew her through a music video which was taken in November 2008. When I saw her the first time I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. From that day, I couldn't sleep without watching that music video, so I watched it six times a day" -This is not an example to demonstrate typical process of finding a life partner. In-fact a rare incident of semi-mad-boy.

In this post Sri Lanka Portal is going list you all the major websites concerning Sri Lanka Weddings. You can visit listed websites from the links provided within the article. In the event you don't about Sri Lanka Portal, I would like to remind you that there are a whole lot more topics to explore here all about Sri Lankan Web Sphere. 

Brides of Sri Lanka

Brides of Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka's first and only online bridal and wedding resource. Brides of Sri Lanka is the biggest and most comprehensive bridal and wedding website in Sri Lanka. In 'the bridal retinue' section you can find information categorized into bride, groom, bride's maid, groom's man, flower girl, Paige boy, going away and home coming.

In another section you will be introduced to beauticians and hair dressers, bouquets, bridal wear, saris, bridal designers, dress making and sewing, etc. In this site you can find almost all the details and information you need to easily arrange your wedding.

Other notable sections you can find in the home page of Brides of Sri Lanka are Featured products and services of the month, new listings, resources and Articles for wedding, Wedding tips and tools, image galleries of weddings and post wedding. Brides of Sri Lanka magazine - the wedding handbook is very useful for anyone who is preparing for a wedding.

According to the site "Brides of Sri Lanka is the most selling wedding magazine in Sri Lanka! It will help you save over Rs. 200,000/= or more when planning your wedding with over 90 discount & offer coupons. It features great articles from leading professionals in the wedding field, great pictures from top photographers for the bride, groom & retinue, real weddings and great wedding ideas! In the team of contributors are Ramani Fernando, Michael Wijesuriya, Purnima Abeyratne, Harris Wijesinghe, Rasanga Dissanayaka, Studio U, Studio 3000DF, and many more. "

Wedding Ceylon - Sri Lanka

You can find almost all the planning tools for you wedding at Wedding Ceylon Sri Lanka. Venues, Honeymoon, photography, clothing and many more. 'Explore wedding in Sri Lanka' section allows you to be informed about news and events related to weddings of Sri Lanka. You can find a wedding guide at wedding Ceylon Sri Lanka.

Wedding Ceylon boasts they answer your all wedding questions in Sri Lanka. Wedding Ceylon Sri Lanka says "Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It a celebration of a marriage or a union of two hearts where two people promise to love, honor and respect each other. Making this day as perfect and as special as possible is the dream of any bride and we at aims to provide just that."

You can send flowers via the website services. Watch and enjoy the video gallery at wedding Ceylon Sri Lanka. New listings section shows you some products and services that you'll find useful for your wedding in Sri Lanka.

Wedding LK - Sri Lanka

Wedding .lk present you a easy menu in which you can find information on bridal dresses, wedding decor, wedding cars, wedding stationary, wedding insurance, wedding loans, wedding planners, etc. Wedding videos section is very entertaining and insightful.

Medical tips section is section which includes information rare to find and they are perfectly aimed at the success of your wedding. Site discusses issues faced by the couple on wedding day, sexual problems on wedding day and family planning. Wedding articles and tips section is also very informative.

Judge us all you want, stupid face - I don't have feelings anymore. I can do  anything. May be I'll list all the websites concerning Sri Lanka Weddings. Sorry I can't link all of them, because Google may think I'm spamming. So I'll just list and give addresses in plain text.

Manaali - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers Videographers - Sri Lanka

Wed In Sri Lanka - The Online Wedding Planner

My Wedding 3000 - Sri Lankan Wedding Planner

Wedding Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Wedding, Brides of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Weddings Directory | Wedding in Sri Lanka

Wedding Dreams

Manamali - Sri Lankan Wedding Portal | Bridals | Poruwa

Wedding Bells - Sri Lanka Weddings - Sri Lanka Portal

And that's how my yearning to list all Sri Lankan web sited regarding Sri Lanka Weddings got so horrible that it actually broke through the other side and became a sort of fear-proof exoskeleton. Please forgive me.

If you are a gal who's reluctant to make the first move, or a guy who's afraid of being flatly refused, the 'Sri Lanka - Wedding' is the right place for you. Or better you impress your sweetheart by showing this article or emailing this article.

Or If you are just impressed by the presentation of this article don't mind to drop us a comment. Thanks people.

Sri Lanka Web Portal

According to the OALD (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary) a portal is "a large, impressive gate or entrance to a building". Second definition is "a website that is used as a point of entry to the Internet, where information has been collected that will be useful to a person interested in particular kind of things". OK, if you are still unclear about the meaning of the 'portal' it is something like which serves as your gateway to sri lankan web space (large and impressive terms are also applicable to Sri Lanka Portal).

Government of Sri Lanka - Official Web Portal - Sri Lanka

Contains all ministries, departments, statutory boards, public companies, provincial councils, press releases and public directory. You will be offered to select preferred language at entrance. You will then be presented with Official Web Portal of Government of Sri Lanka. Find Ministries, Departments, Provincial Councils, District Secretariats, Divisional Secretariats, Local Authorities, Statutory Boards, Public Companies of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Official Web Portal present you with a live news feed from Find links to Currency, Weather, Government Holidays and Gazettes of Sri Lanka. This site is powered by Information and Communication Technology Agency(ICTA) Sri Lanka.

Our Lanka .com- Sri Lanka

Our Lanka Says "Sri Lankan exclusive web directory for Internet sites of Sri Lanka. Links to the best of lankan news, sports, business, finance, computers, weather, entertainment, music, government, embassies and many more" as their web site description. View Source of the home page of Our Lanka. This is true. Find out valuable information regarding Sri Lanka at Our Lanka, the Sri Lanka web portal with Sri Lankan links and news. In Lanka reviews section find out reviews of Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Adams Peak, Hortan Plains, Sigiriya, Negombo, Kandy, Galle, Colombo and Anuradhapura. Site offers news section and forum section. Exclusive web directory of Sri Lanka will able to cater your information needs.

Sri Lanka Portal .info- Sri Lanka

"Welcome to Sri Lanka We are giving all about Sri Lanka details to explore the Sri Lanka. This is the best place to travel in the world." Says Sri Lanka Portal .info. This is indeed a portal. Find links to Sinhala news papers such as Lankadeepa, Divayina, Dinamina, Lakbima, Silumina, rivira, etc... Find links to Almost all the major English and Tamil Newspapers. If you find checking mail is forgetting get used to this site you will find to links to yahoo mail, AOL mail and GMail links at Sri Lanka This website is designed by The main categories are Travel, Shopping, Fashion and Entertainment. Find links to Ancient Places, Arts and Crafts, Sri Lanka Culture, Sri Lanka Wildlife, Sri Lanka information, Sri Lanka Map, etc. at Sri Lanka Portal .info.

Lanka .net- Sri Lanka

Read the latest Sri Lankan news at Home page. You can login to the Sri Lanka net web mail from the site - Sri Lanka Net - Sri Lanka e identity. View Daily Exchange rates. Find links to Local News papers at Lanka .net.

Sri Lanka Country Portal- Sri Lanka

At Sri Lanka Country Portal users are allowed to sign in and change the page layout to their preference and many more more customized services are accessible thereafter to match the individual requirements. View National Lottery Board lottery results. (Jayawiru, Jathika Sampatha, Mahajana Sampatha, Govi Setha and many more...). Visit Sri Lanka Country Portal to view exchange rates and policy rates of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Conveniently select your preferred language and adjust the font size. View news section powered by Department of Government Information - Sri Lanka. Find links to Government Information Center - Sri Lanka (1919). This web site is powered by ICTA - Sri Lanka(Ideas Actioned).

Sri Lanka Portal- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Happy New Year

May the dawning of this New Year, fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows. May you have a great New Year.

As the new year blossoms, may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love! Happy New Year!