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A wave after wave of boatloads of television crews in Sri Lanka have made valiant attempts to travel to the minds of Sri Lankan tv audience.

It has been found that all the boats had left the Sri Lankan shores during the past few years due to failures in their program structure. Hiru TV is getting immense control over almost all the Sri Lankan tv viewer segments.

 Recent research in Sri Lankan media has thrown light on the nature of Hiru tv marketing strategy, it has been found Hiru tv embraces a magical power to entice and bind audience to their magical channel. Probably the secrets of that kind of media strategy is know only to the expert management team at Hiru tv.

They were the first people. They had usually been in a certain minds for decades. But now they are live on hiru tv screen. Sri Lankan people started to love these highly skilled presenters on Hiru TV.

Sri Lanka Portal wishes Hiru TV a entertaining and enlightening journey in Sri Lankan media space.

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