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"Perhaps Sri Lanka Portal can not prevent this world from being a world in which people are unemployed. But Sri Lanka Portal could reduce the number of unemployed people" - Anasly Rodrigo.

The role of Sri Lankan Newspapers in 'Sri Lankan Classical Employment Process' is immeasurable. Modern job search sites are playing the traditional employment process today. Beside that, Online Job Web Sites had its origin in western developed world.

'Sri Lanka Portal Job Web Sites' Once again... As a habit, Sri Lanka Portal is given to publishing articles hot on the world wide web . And very hot at that. Nevertheless in Sri Lanka Portals current employment skirmish, 'Sri Lanka Portal - Job Web Sites' makes a surprising detour. Team of the 'Sri Lanka Portal's unmistakable intention in their latest work is to warm the hearts of people who seek jobs(Who are the actors of the employment drama)

Top Jobs

topjobs sri lanka Job Network - most popular online job site in Sri Lanka for jobs, careers, recruitment and employment with recruitment automation for employers.

Jobsnet Job Network

Sri Lanka JobsNet Job Network - the national employment sourcing and delivery system.most popular and reliable online job site in Sri Lanka for jobs, careers, recruitment and employment for employers and job seekes.

Sri Lanka Jobs

Sri Lanka Jobs - Search jobs, Post your CV, Create Job Alerts Free. Best Sri Lanka Jobs / Careers site with easy to use features.

Job Envoy

The Most Popular Job Site in Sri Lanka - Search Jobs on Find new employment or work. Fresh job listings posted daily. Get Email Job Alerts. Explore career opportunities. Search and apply online today. Numerous Overseas Vacancies.

Lanka Top Jobs, online free jobs advertising portal for Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Jobs

Job in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka jobs. Listing top Job offers in Sri Lanka. Thousand of Srilankan hot jobs! Click and browse our lankan job vacancies & offers ! Post your CV.

Tip Top Job

Jobs in Sri Lanka from the Tip Top Job International job site and job search engine with job vacancies and recruitment and career advice for contract and permanent vacancies in industries.

Now the above is a list of websites for beginners as well as seasoned job seekers who are ambitious to capture some really infomative job web site list in Sri Lanka.

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