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We were once a small portablog (portal+blog) (only 50 absolutely unique visitors per day). We were commented by a visitor who had found a lot of advertisements in a web page and wanted to know whether it was a sign of good or bad portablog (portal+blog).

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Dear visitor/customer, finding a lot of advertisements in this portablog (portal+blog) is neither good nor bad luck for you. Those ads were merely looking over the web pages of our portal to see which websites are not appearing. They (advertisements) then can go to that that website, appear in those pages, and lead a life of undisturbed peace forever afterwards (without being clicked).

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Let this post be an 'EYE-OPENER' and do not let advertisements fool you.

Sri Lanka - Anasly Rodrigo

The Great Sri Lankan Internet Businessman

Very rarely young Sri Lankan gains fame in the field of internet marketing. If you trace the history of e-business in Sri Lanka, I wonder whether we come across a young Sri Lankan, who dedicated most of his time for the promotion of internet marketing in Sri Lanka.

It was Mr. Anasly Rodrigo's parents and teachers who spotted the WWW talent of the young Anasly Rodrigo and introduced him to Blogger (Google). Later he followed a course at SLIIT Sri Lanka. Not only Mr. Anasly Rodrigo was courageous, but was also a leader who maintained a highly creative, innovative and talented blogger community.

For a larger-than-life career and popularity where Mr. Anasly Rodrigo can actually give a decent speech in a room full of intellectuals. Mr. Anasly Rodrigo has been rather grounded and not affected by the status he garnered. For this, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo says that he is committed toward working in cyberspace and makes Sri Lankan set of sites more visible vertically.

All in all, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is a very talented and gifted 'Internet Businessman' who will go a long way in life spreading his expertise and making Sri Lanka more visible on WWW to make Sri Lanka a better entity on WWW.

Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is serving the internet community and Sri Lanka at the highest level with distinction. May Mr. Anasly Rodrigo live longer and be able to serve the mankind better.

Mr. Chumbana Pathmanadan
Managing Director
Sri Lanka Info Inc.

Sri Lanka - Sports

At we convert your web browsing effort and valuable browsing time into instant information and awareness, helping you to boost your understanding of Sri Lanka and meet the demands of your curiosity and information hunger with confidence. As we also take the care of the hassle of following up and collecting the details of Sri Lankan websites, you will be able to focus entirely on the information contained in the listed websites. The following is a list of sports related websites in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Cricket - Sri Lanka

Official Web Site of Sri Lanka Cricket. This site is developed by Sri Lanka Cricket IT department. Interviews with national team cricketers. Options to follow and connet to Sri Lanka Cricket via Facebook and Twitter. Sri Lanka Cricket News. Details of Cricket Tournaments. Links to Media Centre. Careers and contacts to Sri Lanka Cricket.

Sri Lanka Cricket as formally known now, was first registered with Ministry of Sports on 30th June 1975 as a national sports body. It was initially called Board of Cricket for Sri Lanka (BCCSL) until it came to be incorporated as Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) in 2003. Sri Lanka Cricket has been the stamp of authority on local cricketing map under the mandate of Ministry of Sports and Public Recreation and is focused on upholding the cricketing heritage of the country.

Sri Lanka Cricket is a major source of national income and has always been in the public eye and of interest. Sri Lanka Cricket therefore makes a pivotal contribution to the nation at large. Most significant fixture on Sri Lanka Cricket’s international calendar in future will be World Cup 2011 which will be co-hosted by Sri Lanka with India and Bangladesh. Sri Lanka Cricket is resourcefully well poised to host this event successfully.

SL Cricket - Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Cricket Fan Forum. A place for Sri Lankan Cricket fans to be. General cricket news and chat.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link there. You may have to register before you can post. click the register link to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection.

Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union - Sri Lanka

Details about Sri Lanka national rugby team. Rugby history in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan and International Rugby calender. Information about Rugby teams and womens rugby. Learn rugby basics. Meet Rugby official in Sri Lanka. View the latest news of Rugby in Sri Lanka. Code of conduct. View the photo gallery.

Muttiah Muralitharan - Sri Lanka

Muralitharan is the first wrist-spinning off-spinner in the history of the Cricket. He bowls marathon spells, yet he is usually on the attack. His unique bowling action begins with an open-chested short run-up, and culminates with an extremely wristy release which had him mistaken for a leg-spinner early in his career by Allan Border.Aside from his off-break, his main deliveries are a fast topspinner which goes straight on, and the doosra, a surprise delivery which turns from leg to off (the opposite direction of his stock delivery) with no easily discernible change of action