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Sinhala Blog Reader allows you to read summaries of many popular blogs in a single page. Sinhala blog posts are classified into several classes according to the content. e.g. Religious Sinhala Blogs, Personal Sinhala Blogs, Podcast Sinhala Blogs, Science and technology Sinhala Blogs, Fun Sinhala Blogs, Social Sinhala Blogs and Literature/Artistic Sinhala Blogs. Find a blog to your preference and continue reading.

Sinhala Bloggers Union

Sinhala Bloggers union is the Community of Sinhala Blog writers who use Sinhala Unicode. 'How to type in Sinhala' section introduce you to the various methods that you can use to type in Sinhala. First method is to use Standard Wijesekara keyboard. Another method is to use Singlish keyboard. There you can find various Singlish software that can be used to type Sinhala characters. The third method Sinhala Blogger Union Sri Lanka offers you is to use the on screen key board.

How to start a Sinhala blog in Sri Lanka section guide you through the detailed setup procedures for Blogger, WordPress and blog services. You can find a link to be a SBU (Sinhala Bloggers Union) Google group to join with the Sinhala Bloggers Union Sri Lanka.

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