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Pandith Amaradeva - Sri Lanka

Wannakulawattawaduge Don Albert Perera (born December 5, 1927 in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka), better known by his adopted name Amaradeva, is a Sri Lankan vocalist and musical composer. Primarily using traditional instruments like sitars, tablas and harmoniums, Amaradeva incoporates Sinhala folk music with Indian ragas in his work.

Pandit Amaradeva has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award (2001), Indian Padma Sri Award and Sri Lankan "President's Award of Kala Keerthi" (1986) and Deshamanya Award (1998). He has also represented Sri Lanka in many forums including the UNESCO 1967 Manila Symposium, and composed the melody for the Maldives national anthem, Gaumii salaam, at the request of British Queen Elizabeth II in 1972.

Gunadasa Kapuge - Sri Lanka

Kapuge was born on August 7, 1945 either in the village of Miriswatte in the Galle District or in the tiny village of Thanabaddegama in Elpitiya. He was the second of eight children. He went to school until grade five at Karandeniya Central College and later at Dharmasoka College in Ambalangoda, where he initially studied science before switching to music. In 1963, he left Haywood college of music, where he was studying at that time, to follow a degree course in India. In the late 1960s, Kapuge joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. 1969 he was worked as a Operational Assistant and 1975 was a Progrsamme Producer. in 1981 he appointed as a Raja Rata" Broadcasting Corporation - Director Music and Director Rajarata Broadcasting Service.

Iraj Weeraratne - Sri Lanka

Iraj Weeraratne - HipHop maestro (born February 21, 1981) is an Sinhalese R&B and hip hop artist and music producer who raised the international profile of Sinhalese RnB/pop. After studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Northumbria, he re-joined with Krishan and Ruki for the hit single ‘Roots’. This song revolutionized local music as it crossed borders and received airplay on all continents. This was featured in UK on BBC Radio 1. Following this he released his self-titled debut album - ‘Iraj’, which was co-produced by Ranga Dassanayake.

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