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Ministry of Ports and Aviation - Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Ports and Aviation was established in April 2004. The Ministry of Ports and Aviation has three (3) distinct functional areas of operation viz., development of Ports, Shipping and Air Navigation.The objective of the Ministry in regard to develop the ports, shipping and aviation sectors in the context of the newly emergent international competitive arena as determined by the new technological and structural developments. This involves the maintenance of highly efficient and productive Ports as transshipment centers and airport as busiest hub with adequate capacity equipped with most modern state of art technology.

Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited - Sri Lanka

The Official Website of Airport & Aviation Services in Sri Lanka.

Civil Aviation Authority - Sri Lanka

To be a prime catalyst for the growth of the  National Economy and to facilitate through strategic planning and effective  regulation, the operation of a safe, secure and  efficient  national civil aviation industry that conforms to  International Standards and Recommended Practices.

Deccan Aviation - Sri Lanka

Deccan Aviation Lanka is a five year old helicopter and charter aircraft operator based in Sri Lanka. It is the only company authorized to operate private helicopters, in addition to operating aircraft. Deccan is the airline of choice for business or leisure travel in Sri Lanka.

Expo Aviation (Pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka

Expo Aviation (Pvt) Ltd has proven that the sky is not the limit as it forges new boundaries for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan aviation.  The country’s premier operator of domestic passenger air services, Expo Aviation has the distinction of being the first private airline in Sri Lanka to be licensed for international cargo operations by the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Aviation - Sri Lanka

Air Traffic Control Sri Lanka site is dedicated to discussing all the issues related to aviation in Sri Lanka. These include engineering and operational aspects of aircraft, air traffic control, air crashes and their reports and theory of air navigation etc.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (also abbreviated SLPA) is a government agency responsible for the development and maintenance of all commercial ports in Sri Lanka. It is also responsible for the maintenance and operations of lighthouses in Sri Lanka. Security of ports is governed by the Navy, as it is the designated authority for implementing ISPFS Code in Sri Lanka.

SLPA is the World Class Multi-Port Operator for all Maritime Services in the Region.

Shiplink International - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ports Shipping Cargo Logistics Maritime Directory: Shiplink International is an Online Shipping Directory on Sri Lanka Ports Shipping Cargo; Logistics."Shiplink" is not just another directory. But a complete marketing tool where you can generate productive contacts and sales to earn profits. Give wide exposure to your company. It is on-line and does amendments instantly.

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