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ART Television Broadcasting Company (Private) Limited re-defines Sri Lanka’s Media experience through a compelling mix of content, technology and service. The Channel operates 24 hours on a free-to-air basis with a program content sourced from leading international program suppliers.

The Channel broadcasts 15 hours of exclusive CNN International coverage daily, along with 9 hours of varied international and local entertainment content that encompasses the latest Movies, Features, Comedies, Dramas, Soaps, Music, Sports, local Business News, Current Affairs and a special 1 hour Cartoon Network belt. visit Art TV website

ART Television Studios is equipped with cutting edge technology to produce and edit your content. To ensure your production runs smoothly we have all the expertise and infrastructure from pre to post production on hand. Sri Lanka.

Max TV - Sri Lanka

With Max TV you can watch movies and TV series. In the viewers choice movie section of their home page you can vote for your favorite movie to watch live on friday as friday movie. Find links to their facebook fanpage.

 Max TV is saving the digital media arts in Sri Lanka. Max Television with a transport honest tradition has been capable to build our own strong foundation. In a short period of time. We have given a respectful service for our society as well as the media field. Meaningful and quality programs have made Max Television popular among our viewers of Sri Lanka.

The most popular programs are Max Good Evening, Life of Music, 4th Floor, Max Trax, Dinala Balanna, All about me, Music Park, Max Focus and Sindu Chandaya. (Please note these programs were given top priority in Max TV websites home page.) You can watch max television on your mobile phone. Discover how to do that at Max TV home page. section offers you live TV experience. Visit for max news.

Siyatha TV - Sri Lanka

Siyatha TV is a private Sri Lankan analog television channel currently broadcasting in Colombo in the Sinhala language. It is owned by Voice of Asia Network (Pvt) Ltd.

From the above link you'll be reached at Siyatha TV home page where you'll be exposed to live streaming video from Siyatha TV. Watch Siyatha TV Online. Vettri TV is said to be a sister of Siyatha TV and both of them is owned by Voice of Asia Network Pvt Ltd. Voice of Asia is expected to have a new child, Real TV, in coming months.

Read more about Sri Lanka TV Channels here.

Sri Lanka Best Hotels

Earl's Regency - Kandy, Sri Lanka

Earl's Regency Kandy is a 5 star hotel in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for hotels in Kandy, hotel earls regency is the best place to stay. One of the best luxury hotels in Sri Lanka and a 5 star hotel in Kandy. Aitken Spence hotels are the best Sri Lanka hotels

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Eden Resort & Spa - Beruwala, Sri Lanka

5 Star luxury exclusive spa resorts in beach front Sri Lanka: Confifi Group Hotels are Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka. Family Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka, Beach Hotels

Eden Resort; Spa Beruwela Sri Lanka, Beach Resort Sri Lanka.

Galadari Hotel - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Situated in the heart of Colombo's business district, the Galadari Hotel is a 450 room super luxury hotel that overlooks the Indian Ocean and is adjacent to the Presidential Secretariat, Banks and the World Trade Center, with easy access to the shopping areas in Colombo.

With a range of room and suite types, and a comprehensive list of facilities, the hotel is able to cater to the requirements of both business and family travelers, and is especially geared to handle the needs of Muslim clients, with Halal food in all restaurants.

Heritance - Sri Lanka

Mahaweli Reach Hotel - Kandy, Sri Lanka

Mahaweli reach hotel Sri Lanka.

Perfect service and reliable place in Sri Lanka.

The enchanting Lake and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. Kandy - The last capital of Sri Lanka's ... 2006 Mahaweli Reach Hotel Sri Lanka.

Saman Villa - Bentota, Sri Lanka

Relax; unwind an experience the luxury of Saman Villas; a paradise where emphasis is placed on privacy, comfort & unsurpassable hospitality.

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka, Romantic hotels in Sri Lanka, Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, Spas in Sri Lanka, Saman Villas.

Taj Hotels - Sri Lanka

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces are arguably the finest 5 star luxury hotels in India. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 57 business hotels and luxury hotels in India with an additional 18 international 5 star hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Seychelles, Australia, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.

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The Blue Water - Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

The Bluewater Sri Lanka

Welcome to Blue Skies, Blue Vistas.

Welcome to the Arresting Beauty and charm of THE BLUE WATER.

Offering spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, The Blue Water, and Wadduwa nestles amongst wild coconut groves, the tall palms swaying in the evening breeze, lit by the last streaks of the setting sun.

The Elephant Corridor - Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Elephant Corridor Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Sigiriya Sri Lanka captures the essence of nature, history & wildlife. With 21 suites scattered throughout the property, find ultimate relaxation & privacy at this exclusive boutique hotel.

Elephant Corridor Hotel, Luxury Boutique Hotel Sigiriya.

Sri Lanka - Migrate to Australia from Sri Lanka

Protect yourself from migration fraud. Although our little island (Sri Lanka) is blessed with an enormous natural beauty it is often mingled with some occational reasons to migrate somewhere else (e.g. Australia). Sometimes, not always, You may be a victim of migration fraud. So it is often good to have a reasonable awareness about migration information before getting the migration decisions. Below are the carefully chosen most useful links for you to increase your knowledge about migration to Australia. (It is said that its a dog eat dog world out their, so you need to be careful)

Sri Lankan Australian - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Australian refers to people of Sri Lankan heritage living in Australia. This includes at least three Sri Lankan ethnic groups in Australia the Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamil and Burghers. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, there is no self-identifying "Sri Lankan Australian" group. Persons linked to Sri Lanka self-identify as mainly "Sinhalese Australian", "Tamil Australian" or "Burgher". Most Sri Lankan Australians.

Australian High Commission - Sri Lanka

The High Commission aims to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally and to foster strong official and people-to-people links.The Australian High Commission in Colombo has five sections - political and economic, consular, visa and immigration office, development co-operation (AusAID) and market development (Austrade).  The Australian High Commission in Colombo encourages all Australians travelling to Sri Lanka or the Maldives to register on-line.For information on applying for a passport please refer to their Services for Australians section.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship - Australia - (Sri Lanka)

Information to help you find the right Australian visa.Information to help you learn about settling in Australia, learning English and Australia's diversity and values.Information to help you apply for Australian citizenship.For people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia. Includes details of Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program. Includes information for employers about sponsoring skilled people to work in Australia.

Australian Migration Centre - Sri Lanka

Australian Migration Centre specialises in Skilled Migration and was established to cater the needs of clients from around the world, who seeks professional, accurate and speedy skilled migration advice to Australia. We offer the fastest migration advice through our Online Migration Centre. Our professional migration consultants are dedicated to provide fast and most appropriate expert advice to you that best suit your personal circumstances. Thousands of clients visit our website each day, seeking migration advice, and we catered their needs by providing migration advice with in 24 hours, helping them to avoid costly conventional-style advice.

Facebook group - Australian Migration Centre

Sri Lanka Laptops and Computers

Laptops and Computers

Are you a little on edge in making the buying decision for a laptop or a computer in Sri Lanka. Get a bird's eye view on laptops and computers in Sri Lankan cyber landscape. Put on your money on and don't waste your breath anymore. Welcome to - Sri Lanka

Largest Laptop, Computer, Mobile Phone, Printer & LCD TV Showroom in Colombo, Sri Lanka."THE TECHNOCITY PVT LTD" is a leading reseller as well as retailer since 1994 for customer service & support. "THE TECHNOCITY PVT LTD" is the one stop shop for all your computer needs with an outstanding range of Multi branded Computers, Notebooks, LCDs, Branded PCs, Computer Accessories & Peripherals. One of the outstanding features of its service is their technically qualified staff, who explain the technical features of the products in a simple manner & guide them in making the right decision as per the customer's needs & budget in Sri Lanka.

View laptops categorized by brand Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM-LENOVO, Samsung and Toshiba. You also buy laptop accessories at Sri Lanka. Hot offers section in the home page is the most exciting section of the page. You can see the features and price in LKR of the latest affordable laptop that matches to your need of computation. You can subscribe to laptop .lk newsletter to stay up to date with the latest and hottest laptop deals in Sri Lanka. Weekly deals section features the laptop of the week. Visit now to explore Sri Lanka.

Lanka Laptop House - Sri Lanka

Being in the trade for considerable time Lanka Laptop House has gained higher reputation for selling original Laptops at a lower cost in Sri Lanka. All Laptops are “Grade A”, Brand New or Refurbished by the original Manufactures in USA. Lanka Laptop House offer high quality repairs on all IBM, DELL, COMPAQ, HP, OSHIBA, ACER, SAMSUNG, SHARP, SONY Laptops and Notebooks at competitive rates. Lanka Laptop House possesses a qualified and experienced technical staff capable of performing up to chip level repairs. You can send us a request for a repair estimate by e-mail us at or simply fill the contact form. We believe in repetitive business with customers. Lanka Laptop House chooses fully functional, tested components and provides the best possible product descriptions to our customers through Lanka Laptop House web site. Lanka Laptop House tries our best to achieve customer satisfaction by proper packing, fast shipping and after sales support. Lanka Laptop House provides excellent value for your money in Sri Lanka.

Bestsellers section offers you the best selling laptops at lanka laptop house Sri Lanka. Featured product section is the place where you find the best laptops Laptop house, Sri Lanka can offer. They are one of the most experienced laptop repair shops in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Laptop House business portfolio includes Refurbished laptops, new laptops, laptop adapters, laptop batteries, laptop motherboards, laptop accessories and software. - Sri Lanka was established to market world renowned high quality product coupled with excellent professional service level in order to satisfy its customer. And also they are aimed to become a most respected “IT” products and service supplier in Sri Lanka. now powered by highly secured online credit card payment gateway. They are proud to say, that they are the first online computer store in Sri Lanka. believes that they will be able to enhance their service support to their valuable business partners. catalog has become a textbook for computer users in Sri Lanka. But their success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer like they were a member of our family. From the beginning, our top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers understand how technology could help them in Sri Lanka.

At you can find products like computers, electronics, security, CCTV, pc parts, computer accessories, etc. Though features security products at their home page you can find almost all the computer and laptop related items at Computer .lk, Sri Lanka.

Laptop - Wikipedia

The best place to start your brief internet research before buying your laptop would be Wikipedia. Just go there and get some feeling of the world of laptops. Find out about history of laptop (don't read it all!!!), classification of laptops, components, advantages and disadvantages, major brands and manufactures, sales, accessories.

Find Valuable and insightful references.

Achieve more from your time spent in web browsing with "Sri Lanka Portal". Efficient and effective web browsing (exploring the world of web sites) is an investment for a life time. People are highly concerned about making the right choice to achieve more from their time spent on internet. Buying laptop decision will impact your future career opportunities, salaries (not sure!!!), prestige and subsequently will affect the overall social and living standard.

Sri Lanka - Electric Panel Boards, Cable Management Systems and Equipment Racks

A distribution board (or panelboard) is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure. Normally, a main switch, and in recent boards, one or more Residual-current devices (RCD) or Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent protection (RCBO), will also be incorporated.

Cable Management systems with Cable Ladders,Trays, Trunks,etc. 19 inch equipment rack is a industry standard. Find out how to purchase standard and customized products in Sri Lanka

Electro Metal Pressing Pvt Ltd - Sri Lanka

Manufacture of International Quality Standard certified Casings and Panel boards, cable management systems, computer data racks and other related customized products for the electrical and electronic industries in Sri Lanka and Worldwide.

Electro Metal Pressings (Pvt) Limited has more than 20 years of professional experience in manufacturing electric switch boards and relevant cable light systems and accessories in Sri Lanka. Adherence to our operation motto:" Quality Assured, Reliable Service with Safety Ensured” - providing superior quality products at reasonable price and delivering on time - we provide a variety of products for the electrical industry, including installations etc.

Sri Lanka Infolinks

Infolinks | Problem

We were once a small portablog (portal+blog) (only 50 absolutely unique visitors per day). We were commented by a visitor who had found a lot of advertisements in a web page and wanted to know whether it was a sign of good or bad portablog (portal+blog).

Infolinks | Explanation

Dear visitor/customer, finding a lot of advertisements in this portablog (portal+blog) is neither good nor bad luck for you. Those ads were merely looking over the web pages of our portal to see which websites are not appearing. They (advertisements) then can go to that that website, appear in those pages, and lead a life of undisturbed peace forever afterwards (without being clicked).

Infolinks | Warning

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Sri Lanka - Anasly Rodrigo

The Great Sri Lankan Internet Businessman

Very rarely young Sri Lankan gains fame in the field of internet marketing. If you trace the history of e-business in Sri Lanka, I wonder whether we come across a young Sri Lankan, who dedicated most of his time for the promotion of internet marketing in Sri Lanka.

It was Mr. Anasly Rodrigo's parents and teachers who spotted the WWW talent of the young Anasly Rodrigo and introduced him to Blogger (Google). Later he followed a course at SLIIT Sri Lanka. Not only Mr. Anasly Rodrigo was courageous, but was also a leader who maintained a highly creative, innovative and talented blogger community.

For a larger-than-life career and popularity where Mr. Anasly Rodrigo can actually give a decent speech in a room full of intellectuals. Mr. Anasly Rodrigo has been rather grounded and not affected by the status he garnered. For this, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo says that he is committed toward working in cyberspace and makes Sri Lankan set of sites more visible vertically.

All in all, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is a very talented and gifted 'Internet Businessman' who will go a long way in life spreading his expertise and making Sri Lanka more visible on WWW to make Sri Lanka a better entity on WWW.

Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is serving the internet community and Sri Lanka at the highest level with distinction. May Mr. Anasly Rodrigo live longer and be able to serve the mankind better.

Mr. Chumbana Pathmanadan
Managing Director
Sri Lanka Info Inc.

Sri Lanka - Sports

At we convert your web browsing effort and valuable browsing time into instant information and awareness, helping you to boost your understanding of Sri Lanka and meet the demands of your curiosity and information hunger with confidence. As we also take the care of the hassle of following up and collecting the details of Sri Lankan websites, you will be able to focus entirely on the information contained in the listed websites. The following is a list of sports related websites in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Cricket - Sri Lanka

Official Web Site of Sri Lanka Cricket. This site is developed by Sri Lanka Cricket IT department. Interviews with national team cricketers. Options to follow and connet to Sri Lanka Cricket via Facebook and Twitter. Sri Lanka Cricket News. Details of Cricket Tournaments. Links to Media Centre. Careers and contacts to Sri Lanka Cricket.

Sri Lanka Cricket as formally known now, was first registered with Ministry of Sports on 30th June 1975 as a national sports body. It was initially called Board of Cricket for Sri Lanka (BCCSL) until it came to be incorporated as Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) in 2003. Sri Lanka Cricket has been the stamp of authority on local cricketing map under the mandate of Ministry of Sports and Public Recreation and is focused on upholding the cricketing heritage of the country.

Sri Lanka Cricket is a major source of national income and has always been in the public eye and of interest. Sri Lanka Cricket therefore makes a pivotal contribution to the nation at large. Most significant fixture on Sri Lanka Cricket’s international calendar in future will be World Cup 2011 which will be co-hosted by Sri Lanka with India and Bangladesh. Sri Lanka Cricket is resourcefully well poised to host this event successfully.

SL Cricket - Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Cricket Fan Forum. A place for Sri Lankan Cricket fans to be. General cricket news and chat.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link there. You may have to register before you can post. click the register link to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection.

Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union - Sri Lanka

Details about Sri Lanka national rugby team. Rugby history in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan and International Rugby calender. Information about Rugby teams and womens rugby. Learn rugby basics. Meet Rugby official in Sri Lanka. View the latest news of Rugby in Sri Lanka. Code of conduct. View the photo gallery.

Muttiah Muralitharan - Sri Lanka

Muralitharan is the first wrist-spinning off-spinner in the history of the Cricket. He bowls marathon spells, yet he is usually on the attack. His unique bowling action begins with an open-chested short run-up, and culminates with an extremely wristy release which had him mistaken for a leg-spinner early in his career by Allan Border.Aside from his off-break, his main deliveries are a fast topspinner which goes straight on, and the doosra, a surprise delivery which turns from leg to off (the opposite direction of his stock delivery) with no easily discernible change of action

Sri Lanka Web Hosting

Sri Lanka Portal knows the necessity of procuring a permanent web hosting for your website existed from its commencement. Your website was/is/will be located in several places from time to time with the object of providing a decent service. Possibility of providing a permanent hosting for your website which is in search of a methodology for tomorrow with the modernizing of information technology would be much convenience to the visitors/customers.

In addition Sri Lanka Portal would enable the providing of all information regarding 'Web hosting Sri Lanka under one roof (one-stop-shop) and it is expected to maintain this 'web information protection floor' continuously, to provide several benefits to the visitors/customers. Our target is to provide 'Web hosting Sri Lanka' information with a view to convert the motherland to be a new Sri Lanka.

Web Hosting Lanka - Sri Lanka

Web Hosting Lanka is the leader in affordable web hosting in Sri Lanka. Web Hosting Lanka's reliable, fast Servers and Network connections provide high performance than other competitors. Web Hosting Lanka have taken all necessary steps in order to provide the best Linux web hosting, windows web hosting and reseller web hosting experience with 100% customer satisfaction.

Lanka Host web hosting network - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Low Cost Web Hosting Company. Cheap and affordable hosting starting at Rs 50/- per month. Low cost web hosting, domain name registration creative web design. We introducing company mail box plan. 2 GB unlimited mail box and free web site design free web site hosting and free domain name form LankaHost, Windows Server 2008 ASP.NET Hosting. JSP Tomcat Hosting with Servlet support, Java Hosting in Sri Lanka.

Lankan Host - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Web Hosting Company. Low cost web hosting and affordable hosting starting at Rs 50/- per month. Low cost web hosting, domain name registration. Free web site design free web site hosting and free domain name form LankanHost, Established in 2005. LankanHost offers web hosting service to clients locally in the Sri Lanka and all over the world.

Web - Sri Lanka

Web, the leading web hosting company in Sri Lanka for reliable web hosting solutions since 2005. More than Five years of experience in web hosting industry with 1,000+ Satisfied Clients., Sri Lanka are dedicated to providing the best web hosting, Web design services with unbeatable customer support service. Web Hosting Sri Lanka for high quality Linux web hosting, Windows web hosting, web designing and reseller web hosting solutions on fast servers with 99.9% uptime.

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Sri Lanka - Schools

The two main types of schools in Sri Lanka are governmental schools and non-governmental schools. Most of these schools provide primary and secondary education

Governmental schools are categorized into two main types: national schools and provincial schools. The former are controlled by the Ministry of Education of the central government follow the local curricula languages of Sinhala, Tamil and in a few schools English, and the latter are controlled by provincial councils.

Non-governmental schools are also categorized into two types: private schools and international schools. Private schools are not directly controlled by the government but follow regulations and the local curricula set up by the Ministry of Education in the languages of Sinhala, Tamil and English.

SchoolNet - Sri Lanka

This is the main web portal for All Schools in Sri Lanka. Ministry of Education with Asian development bank funded secondary Education modernization project has taken the initiative to establish a wide-area network (WAN) connecting most of the senior secondary schools & other related organization. This network is referred to as SchoolNet. The Network Operation Center (NOC) of SchoolNet is currently located at University of Moratuwa. SchoolNet is nation-wide infrastructure that brings all organizations related to School Education System online. It can be thought of as a platform for Next Generation Learning.

Student Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka

Student Sri Lanka - Educational Network - Web and Mobilephone Network for School, University and other students.

Royal College - Colombo 07 - Sri Lanka

Royal College, Colombo, the Premier Educational Institution formed in 1835 Celebrates 175 years of Excellence in 2010. Awarded as one of the Best Innovative Schools of the World, Royal College has indeed produced great personalities not only to the country but to the world.As the Official Web Site of the Royal College brings to you the College History including details of Founders and Past Principals and the details of present Administration who continue the mission towards the betterment of College.

Since 1835, Royal College being the premier Primary and Secondary Educational institution has produced outstanding people from all walks of life both in Sri Lanka and abroad who have excelled in their chosen careers bringing credit to their Alma Mater.

Ananda College, Colombo - Sri Lanka

Ananda College Colombo is the Premier Buddhist boys school in Sri Lanka with a current student population of over 5000 from kindergarten to GCE Advanced level

An educational organisation called the Buddhist Theosophical Society was formed in Sri Lanka under the leadership of Colonel Henry Steele Olcott who was a founder member of the Theosophical Society of New York. The Buddhist Theosophical Society (BTS) opened a number of schools in different parts of the country for the higher education of Buddhist children. In the year 1886 the first of those schools was opened on a modest scale with 37 students in a private house in Colombo. Later this school was named Ananda College after Arahant Ananda, the most devoted disciple of the Buddha. Since then Ananda has had a proud tradition of producing students who have served not only Sri Lanka but other countries in the World with distinction.

Richmond College - Sri Lanka

Richmond, obviously, inherited the socially structured educational system of Britain which was expected to train the elite for public positions. An essential element of this training was the building of character capable of serving the interests of their own society. Within a decade Richmond had emerged as a leading public school in the country and the number of Richmondites successful in Cambridge examinations and winning prizes and scholarships, distinctions and exhibitions increased annually. By the early twentieth century there were many Richmondites in the elite of Sri Lankan society, in the administration, and professions, and in new economic enterprises contributing to the society's needs.

Today Richmond has emerged as one of first few leading national institutions of this country. Its present position owes much to its founders and a succession of principals and teachers for a period well over a century. Its contribution lies not merely in the imparting of education , discipline and other virtues that a citizen of a country is expected to possess, but also in the spirit of commitment and the sense of duty towards society around and the nation as a whole, that it has inculcated in the m i nds of those who passed through its corridors.

Mahamaya Girls' College, Kandy - Sri Lanka

Mahamaya Girl's College Alumnae Association of North America (MGCAANA) is a voluntarily led, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Washington in March, 2005. The vision of the organization is to build a future, where alumnae living in North America and present students of Mahamaya Girls' College Kandy, Sri Lanka, will work together to benefit the society.  The intention of the association is to create a network with alumnae across North America to foster and promote social, educational, and cultural growth via a variety of opportunities.

Sri Lanka - Music

Pandith Amaradeva - Sri Lanka

Wannakulawattawaduge Don Albert Perera (born December 5, 1927 in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka), better known by his adopted name Amaradeva, is a Sri Lankan vocalist and musical composer. Primarily using traditional instruments like sitars, tablas and harmoniums, Amaradeva incoporates Sinhala folk music with Indian ragas in his work.

Pandit Amaradeva has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award (2001), Indian Padma Sri Award and Sri Lankan "President's Award of Kala Keerthi" (1986) and Deshamanya Award (1998). He has also represented Sri Lanka in many forums including the UNESCO 1967 Manila Symposium, and composed the melody for the Maldives national anthem, Gaumii salaam, at the request of British Queen Elizabeth II in 1972.

Gunadasa Kapuge - Sri Lanka

Kapuge was born on August 7, 1945 either in the village of Miriswatte in the Galle District or in the tiny village of Thanabaddegama in Elpitiya. He was the second of eight children. He went to school until grade five at Karandeniya Central College and later at Dharmasoka College in Ambalangoda, where he initially studied science before switching to music. In 1963, he left Haywood college of music, where he was studying at that time, to follow a degree course in India. In the late 1960s, Kapuge joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. 1969 he was worked as a Operational Assistant and 1975 was a Progrsamme Producer. in 1981 he appointed as a Raja Rata" Broadcasting Corporation - Director Music and Director Rajarata Broadcasting Service.

Iraj Weeraratne - Sri Lanka

Iraj Weeraratne - HipHop maestro (born February 21, 1981) is an Sinhalese R&B and hip hop artist and music producer who raised the international profile of Sinhalese RnB/pop. After studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Northumbria, he re-joined with Krishan and Ruki for the hit single ‘Roots’. This song revolutionized local music as it crossed borders and received airplay on all continents. This was featured in UK on BBC Radio 1. Following this he released his self-titled debut album - ‘Iraj’, which was co-produced by Ranga Dassanayake.

Sri Lanka - Ports and Aviation

Ministry of Ports and Aviation - Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Ports and Aviation was established in April 2004. The Ministry of Ports and Aviation has three (3) distinct functional areas of operation viz., development of Ports, Shipping and Air Navigation.The objective of the Ministry in regard to develop the ports, shipping and aviation sectors in the context of the newly emergent international competitive arena as determined by the new technological and structural developments. This involves the maintenance of highly efficient and productive Ports as transshipment centers and airport as busiest hub with adequate capacity equipped with most modern state of art technology.

Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited - Sri Lanka

The Official Website of Airport & Aviation Services in Sri Lanka.

Civil Aviation Authority - Sri Lanka

To be a prime catalyst for the growth of the  National Economy and to facilitate through strategic planning and effective  regulation, the operation of a safe, secure and  efficient  national civil aviation industry that conforms to  International Standards and Recommended Practices.

Deccan Aviation - Sri Lanka

Deccan Aviation Lanka is a five year old helicopter and charter aircraft operator based in Sri Lanka. It is the only company authorized to operate private helicopters, in addition to operating aircraft. Deccan is the airline of choice for business or leisure travel in Sri Lanka.

Expo Aviation (Pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka

Expo Aviation (Pvt) Ltd has proven that the sky is not the limit as it forges new boundaries for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan aviation.  The country’s premier operator of domestic passenger air services, Expo Aviation has the distinction of being the first private airline in Sri Lanka to be licensed for international cargo operations by the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Aviation - Sri Lanka

Air Traffic Control Sri Lanka site is dedicated to discussing all the issues related to aviation in Sri Lanka. These include engineering and operational aspects of aircraft, air traffic control, air crashes and their reports and theory of air navigation etc.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (also abbreviated SLPA) is a government agency responsible for the development and maintenance of all commercial ports in Sri Lanka. It is also responsible for the maintenance and operations of lighthouses in Sri Lanka. Security of ports is governed by the Navy, as it is the designated authority for implementing ISPFS Code in Sri Lanka.

SLPA is the World Class Multi-Port Operator for all Maritime Services in the Region.

Shiplink International - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ports Shipping Cargo Logistics Maritime Directory: Shiplink International is an Online Shipping Directory on Sri Lanka Ports Shipping Cargo; Logistics."Shiplink" is not just another directory. But a complete marketing tool where you can generate productive contacts and sales to earn profits. Give wide exposure to your company. It is on-line and does amendments instantly.

Sri Lanka - Mobile Telephony Service Providers

Mobitel - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's National Mobile Service Provider.The first in South Asia to offer Super 3.5 G HSPA features along with a vast array of product innovations stemming from true customer centricity.Mobitel, the leading Mobile Service Provider in Sri Lanka. Pre Paid and post-paid connections, IDD, GPRS, roaming and broadband services, including 3G phones.

Etisalat - Sri Lanka

Etisalat (Sri Lanka) (English: Communication), known as Celltel until 2007, and Tigo (Sri Lanka) between 2007 and 2010, is a mobile telecommunications network in Sri Lanka. It is currently owned by the UAE based telecommunications operator Etisalat.

Dialog - Sri Lanka

Dialog Axiata is Sri Lanka's largest mobile service provider as well as a leader in fixed line CDMA, satellite television and broadband Internet. It serves upto 7 million Sri Lankans.

Hutch - Sri Lanka

Hutch Sri Lanka is a 100% prepaid mobile telecommunications brand under the company Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited that offers a range of GSM services throughout Sri Lanka. Hutchison launched its GSM service in 2004 with the aim of being a nationwide operator in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka - Job Sites

"Perhaps Sri Lanka Portal can not prevent this world from being a world in which people are unemployed. But Sri Lanka Portal could reduce the number of unemployed people" - Anasly Rodrigo.

The role of Sri Lankan Newspapers in 'Sri Lankan Classical Employment Process' is immeasurable. Modern job search sites are playing the traditional employment process today. Beside that, Online Job Web Sites had its origin in western developed world.

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Jobsnet Job Network

Sri Lanka JobsNet Job Network - the national employment sourcing and delivery system.most popular and reliable online job site in Sri Lanka for jobs, careers, recruitment and employment for employers and job seekes.

Sri Lanka Jobs

Sri Lanka Jobs - Search jobs, Post your CV, Create Job Alerts Free. Best Sri Lanka Jobs / Careers site with easy to use features.

Job Envoy

The Most Popular Job Site in Sri Lanka - Search Jobs on Find new employment or work. Fresh job listings posted daily. Get Email Job Alerts. Explore career opportunities. Search and apply online today. Numerous Overseas Vacancies.

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The Sri Lanka Jobs

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Tip Top Job

Jobs in Sri Lanka from the Tip Top Job International job site and job search engine with job vacancies and recruitment and career advice for contract and permanent vacancies in industries.

Now the above is a list of websites for beginners as well as seasoned job seekers who are ambitious to capture some really infomative job web site list in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka - Medical Faculties

Faculty of Medicine - University of Colombo

Find quick links to Academic time table of the faculty of medicine University of Colombo. You can login to web mail of the University of Colombo, faculty of Medicine. You have access to SMJ - Student Medical Journal and surpricing a download link to get Windows 7 free. Read the message from the dean, Prof. H.R. Seneviratne, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.

Mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to develop a graduate who will contribute to fulfill the health requirements of the individual and of the community with competence, compassion and care. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo was established in 1870. As a medical establishment of 138 years it has been the mother of medical education in Sri Lanka.  The Faculty of Medicine has been actively involved in all milestones of Health development in Sri Lanka. It has been responsible for the training and graduation of medical graduates in Sri Lanka according to the health needs of the country. The Ceylon Medical College Council based at the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo still continues to provide the certification of training needed for the licensing of para medical personnel.

Faculty of Medicine - University of Kelaniya

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kelaniya is situated on a spacious 35 acre campus at Ragama. It is one of eight state medical schools in Sri Lanka. The Faculty commenced classes with the admission of 120 students in September 1991.The first batch of students completed their five year course and graduated MBBS in September 1996. From 2004, the Faculty has adopted an organ-system based integrated curriculum. Today, the faculty has about 1000 students on its roll. This includes several foreign students, mainly from other South Asian countries, who have been admitted on a fee levying basis.The Faculty also welcomes students for elective appointments and many students from medical schools in Europe, USA and Australia have spent their elective periods with us.

Faculty of Medicine - University of Ruhuna

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna is the only medical school located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. This medical school was established in 1980 and has come a long way to become one of the best medical schools in Sri Lanka. Quality of the graduates is second to none of the graduates from other medical schools in the world. Research capability has increased to become an important centre for research in the region.

Faculty of Medicine - Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Medical faculty - Rajarata Medical Faculty, Rajarata Medicine
Medical faculty Networks and The Online Community of Medical Students

The Online Community of Medical Students

Faculty of Medicine - University of Peradeniya

The University of Peradeniya is the heir to the oldest university tradition in Sri Lanka as the successor to the University of Ceylon, the first institution of its kind in the country. Its founding on July 1, 1942 as an autonomous corporation was the fulfillment of hopes and expectations of many who had been campaigning for a university in this country. The growing demand for doctors to man the services provided by the Ministry of Health, led to the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya in 1961. At present the Faculty comprise nearly one hundred academic staff and 180 non academic staff, 15 departments of study and six units, to provide teaching activities to five batches of approximately 175 in each.

Sri Lanka - Property Sales

It was close to noon. The sun had kindled the world. The air was heavy, drowsy still. I set off on my visit down Buller’s lane. After reaching the house I rang the bell. Ok, to build a house you need a property. We – Sri Lanka Portal – can help you to find property sales related information. A dark tanned girl in her twenties peeped through a window. I told her I need to buy this house. She opened the latch gate and I was in. You can find all your property information, without any walk, select the property web site that matches you and start exploring Sri Lanka property sales web sites...

Lanka Property Web- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Property web is the Sri Lanka’s premier property portal; Main sections of the portal are sales, rentals, land, wanted, agents, services and MAPS. You can find property related information on most of the Sri Lankan cities. Search section allows you to search by region, city, type, no of bedrooms and many more parameters. One of the several very useful features are Sri Lanka property web, for a given scenario, it shows a photo of the property, value of the property in rupees, type of the property, no of rooms and availability. is Sri Lanka's mostly visited real estate, property website and contains the largest property listings of houses for sale, houses for rent, lease -on short and long term-, apartments, flats, condominiums -condos- for sale, lease, Lands for sale and other property for sale, lease in Colombo and across Sri Lanka for foreigners, expats (expatriates) and locals alike. Since you can contact the seller, landlord directly, you will be able to cut the middle man and get cheap prices with no agent's commission.

Bhoomi- Sri Lanka offers you the ultimate listing of Lands (agricultural, bare, commercial, industrial) for Sale or Lease, Commercial Buildings (office spaces, shop spaces) for Sale or Lease, Apartments for Sale or Rent and Lodging (Hotels, Guest Houses, Beach Resorts, Holiday Bungalows, Rest Houses) in Sri Lanka. If you need to sell or rent out your property, Bhoomi is the place to advertise and easily find a buyer. Bhoomi is mostly referred by Sri Lankan expatriates who’re looking to buy or rent properties in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Estate - Sri Lanka

LankaEstate.Net is Sri Lanka’s most sophisticated full-service real estate agency, marketing beach- and waterfront properties, residential real estate, lifestyle properties, hotels, businesses, as well as agricultural and commercial/ industrial properties throughout the country. We have agents all across the island, with strength in every major city and region, including Colombo, Bentota, and Galle, Kandy, Matara, Tangalle, Puttalam, Kalpitiya, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Arugam Bay etc. and all other provincial towns.

Lanka Property Sales and Marketing Pvt Ltd- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Real Estate Property Land and home for sale lease Rent: The Largest Directory Listing information on Sri Lanka properties. Lanka Property Sales & Marketing; Real Estate website offering houses, lands and commercial building for sale; and lease throughout Sri Lanka.

Lanka Real Estate- Sri Lanka is unique in the way it works as a consultant for buyers looking to purchase property in Sri Lanka Unlike a normal real estate agency, advises buyers on all aspects of the property market and works with many local agents throughout the island. These trusted partner agents in turn source and accompany buyers to specific properties of interest. We then work with local lawyers to ensure due diligence is undertaken on every purchase and you, the buyer, get exactly what you have paid for. By working with many local agents we can present to clients the widest selection of property available on the island, from large hotel development sites to small bungalows.

Lanka Land- Sri Lanka

Our web site helps you to sell buy rent any kind of property in Sri Lanka with fast, accurate, up-to-date & complete information. We have thousands of properties available in Sri Lanka for sale & rent, including Lands, Houses, Luxury Apartments, Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Guest Houses and Commercial Buildings on our easy to use website that meet your criteria.

...Entering this huge mansion I observed that it was fine in spaciousness, but the furniture was uninteresting, English stuff of the kinds in an England hotel, instead of the rich Oriental things they might have so easily if they would. The house now dilapidated whose structure half covered with cob-webs grins with cracks, looked gloomy. It remained me of the grand days when hospitality was offered to the top brass in the Army and the affluent rich dined and wined with their spouses till late at night. After some time the grand old lady came out and greeted me. (She told me ‘this house is not for sale’)

Sri Lanka Political Parties

United People's Freedom Alliance - Sri Lanka

UPFA is a political alliance in Sri Lanka. The current leader of the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) is Mahinda Rajapaksha. The alliance was formed by: Sri Lanka Freedom Party (Sri Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya, Muslim National Unity Alliance, Mahajana Eksath Peramuna, Democratic United National Front and Desha Vimukthi Janatha Party.

News Highlights section provides you with latest news of Sandanaya Sri Lanka. There is also a news archive and press release section. Cartoon section at Sandanaya is to provide you meaningful insights into Sri Lankan Politics with humor. Find link to facebook page of Sandanaya. You can download 'Mahinda Chinthana' booklet from the Sandanaya Sri Lanka. Read analysis of Election results.

Another United People's Freedom Alliance site.

United National Party - Sri Lanka

The United National Party, often referred to as the UNP, is a political party in Sri Lanka. It currently is the main opposition party in Sri Lanka and is headed by Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Read the most updated news at home page of UNP Sri Lanka. Find links to Facebook fan page of UNP Sri Lanka. Learn United National Party structure. Read vision and media releases of UNP Sri Lanka. Find links to UNP leader Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe official website. You will also be able read about history of UNP Sri Lanka.

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna - Sri Lanka

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is a Marxist-Leninist, Communist political party in Sri Lanka. The party, however, abandoned recognizing the Marxist-Leninist concept of the right of peoples to self determination in 1980s. The party was involved in two armed uprisings against the ruling governments in 1971 (SLFP) and 1987-89 (UNP). After 1989, JVP entered into the democratic politics by participating the 1994 Parliamentary general election.

Read the history of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Sri Lanka. Find valuable eBooks about Sri Lankan politics. Links to Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Sri Lanka newspapers. Latest new section updates you about latest happening of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Sri Lanka. Watch videos and enjoy pictures.

Sri Lanka Radio Stations

How many radio stations in Sri Lanka can boast that they are the best radio stations in Sri Lanka? Anyway very powerful radio station doesn’t erupt suddenly. For years the underlying factors keep churning and simmering till the whole drama finally comes to a head or climax and just burst out as a famous radio station in Sri Lanka. Welcome to ‘Sri Lanka Radio Stations' article, an unparalleled article at Sri Lanka Portal. Tastefully designed graphics with lush portrait page design with breathtaking views of ‘Sri Lankan Radio Station Space’ on WWW.

There are about 30 state and privately owned radio stations in Sri Lanka. Major Media organizations of Sri Lanka and their respective radio stations are listed below.

Asia Broadcasting Private Limited
  • Hiru FM
  • Gold FM
  • Sooriyan FM

Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sirasa FM
  • Shakthi FM
  • Yes FM

Colombo Communication Limited
  • Shree FM
  • E FM
  • Ran FM

Hiru FM - Sri Lanka

Hiru FM, the Number 01 Sinhala Radio Station in Sri Lanka, a member of the Asia Broadcasting Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. With nationwide transmission/coverage, Hiru FM has secured the Number 01 slot in the Sinhalese market and has been rated as the most preferred Sinhala Channel, with a massive and loyal listenership. Hiru FM Radio Station became the Radio trend of Sri Lanka, and Hiru FM radio station now being imitated both near far, as Hiru FM Radio Station has succeeded in acquiring a variety of listeners with the approach of Infotainment. Hiru FM Radio Station mesmerizes its listeners with a tantalizing music mix, whilst spearheading news reporting with an island wide as well as international network of correspondents exceeding 300, who are bound to bring the latest news updates to the listener, first and fast. Hiru FM Radio Station is, as at now, a multi-award winning Radio Station in Sri Lanka.

Sirasa FM - Sri Lanka

The number one in Sri Lankan radio station in Sri Lankan radio arena. The trend setters of the modern day broadcasting the benchmark of the all time novelty of the entertainment industry. Launched the test transmission on December 1993, and official launch took place on the 2nd March1994. Sirasa FM Radio Station had the very latest Digital technology, latest transmission equipments and the DJ style broadcasting studios – a totally new concept to Sir Lankan Radio Stations.

Sirasa Web FM feature allows you to listen live radio at Sirasa fm home page. Find download links to Pirith and Aarakshaka gaatha. The section which allows you to find notable programs of each and every day of the week is very useful in finding the appropriate programs to suite your needs and wants.

Lakhanda - Sri Lanka

Lakhanda (Voice of Lanka), the radio station came to be inaugurated on 15th November 1996, under the preview of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Eventually the Lakhanda radio station was amalgamated to ITN [independent television network] on 1997 April 1st on a government cabinet decision. On 2001 April 7th. Lakhanda radio station possesses a digital studio complex equipped with studio facilities with a new communication technology. The programs of Lakhanda radio station were transmitted on 88.5 F.M. 87.9 F.M. and 97.6 F.M. from transmitting points at Yatiyantota, Karagahatenna, Bandarawela, Deniyaya and Colombo.

SLBC,Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation - Sri Lanka

SLBC has, throughout its history, been committed to its mandated task of maintaining the public service broadcasting in Sri Lanka, by way of providing the public with the information and entertainment, and fostering the social, cultural and economic development of the country, and has maintained this commitment as the core guiding principle of its programming policy. Despite the introduction of a certain amount of commercial programming into its operations, in order to partially finance it’s predominantly public service broadcasting operations, the respective station genres and the programming content are carefully designed to be within its programming policy guidelines.

Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio - Sri Lanka

The Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio transmission commenced on the 30th April, 2007 is mainly a Buddhist and cultural Radio Broadcasting Service. The main transmission is situated at Rangiri Dambulla Uyanwatta Rajamaha Viharaya premises with an all island coverage through frequencies 91.7, 96.7, 98.1` and 107.2 MH and through Web site. This will be the first broadcasting service generated from a Temple of Sri Lanka has become the first Buddhist Radio Service with its station that locates out of Colombo on National level.

The history of Rock Temple goes back to the first century B.C., commenced by the King Vattagamini Abhaya and thereafter kings, Maha Parakramabahu, Nissankamalala, Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and five cave temples, particularly named, Devaraja Viharaya, Maharaja Viharaya, and Maha Alut Viharaya. Paschima Viharaya and Devena Alut Viaharaya respectively. Find more about this place at the home page. Online Radio section allows you to listen to Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio Station online. Find links to songs that are about Rangiri Dambulla temple Sri Lanka.

Y FM - Sri Lanka

Y FM, Sri Lanka's first and truly youth radio station was launched on the 1st of December, 2005.The response was overwhelming and our target audience of 15 to 27 year olds welcomed the birth of Y FM. Everybody loves to party and Y FM launched the Y house party, Beach party, Relax party, Big bang, very special party experience for the Y FM listeners..

" Api Aluth Paramparawai (Y) "

Find links to Y FM gallery, Y FM Fan Club, Y FM Events and Y FM radio station program guide. Put an online request. Visit Cool Mix Rhythm.

SHAKTHI FM - Sri Lanka

The only Tamil radio channel with island-wide coverage, including the Jaffna Peninsula and most parts of the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, Shakthi FM broadcasts music, live news, interactive interviews and a host of other program formats that are innovations in Tamil radio in Sri Lanka.