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Most of us take for granted that will find and list relevant web sites when we browse through the without worrying too much about the staggeringly complex things needed to make that happen. Thank to our team at who designed and build this unmatched weblog - but don’t thank the technical team too much. Their main goal was building people friendly and technically superb web log; keeping the cost of the project/business down was less of a concern. That’s in part why many people who run web portals complain about high operational costs. Some armchair webmasters (those who only possess educational qualification) have long argued that the solution is putting third party advertisements inside the site. After all many web portals/sites have been done that - take for example - and greater visitor/customer inconvenience in those sites swiftly bought the site traffic down. Why not use another approach?

"Beautiful animated figures in flash, graphics in Photoshop seem to be leaping out of the screen I’m seeing. Planes and Cars are swooping toward me so convincingly that I’m actually flinching. The graphics are detailed; the colors are natural. I've never had a better graphics experience, and here is the best part: there is no useful content - Only Advertisements".

Basically, this ( is the web portal we've been promised in academic conferences for last 5 years. To understand this newer approach start exploring Sri Lanka with us.

The difference between success and failure can be your choice of information service provider.

Anasly Rodrigo