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Link Center

Everyone wants simplicity in everything they do. For organizations like 'Sri Lanka Portal' if there's ways to save money along the way, even better. The new buzzword in 'enterprise web portal technology' - "Link Center" - is no different. It's nothing the 'web portal industry's attempt to fix a long list of problems and inefficiencies that have plagued 'traditional web browsing' for years.

Current 'public browsing models' are simply too slow, inefficient, inflexible and error prone to keep up with the current pace of lifestyle. Slow inefficient search engine aided browsing methods tend to be unproductive and error prone, which often translates into unacceptable delays and browsing frustrations.

Sri Lanka Portal is ready to help you create a 'service-driven Link Center' environment that brings you all these capabilities together to deliver the full promise and potential of convenient web portal and sets the stage for more extensive web exploration solutions in the future.

Together these technologies can transform your traditional browsing or web exploring habits into a more efficient, agile and bookmarked service-driven environment and provide all the stepping stones you need to reach your most ambitious web exploring goals.

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