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Protect yourself from migration fraud. Although our little island (Sri Lanka) is blessed with an enormous natural beauty it is often mingled with some occational reasons to migrate somewhere else (e.g. Australia). Sometimes, not always, You may be a victim of migration fraud. So it is often good to have a reasonable awareness about migration information before getting the migration decisions. Below are the carefully chosen most useful links for you to increase your knowledge about migration to Australia. (It is said that its a dog eat dog world out their, so you need to be careful)

Sri Lankan Australian - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Australian refers to people of Sri Lankan heritage living in Australia. This includes at least three Sri Lankan ethnic groups in Australia the Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamil and Burghers. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, there is no self-identifying "Sri Lankan Australian" group. Persons linked to Sri Lanka self-identify as mainly "Sinhalese Australian", "Tamil Australian" or "Burgher". Most Sri Lankan Australians.

Australian High Commission - Sri Lanka

The High Commission aims to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally and to foster strong official and people-to-people links.The Australian High Commission in Colombo has five sections - political and economic, consular, visa and immigration office, development co-operation (AusAID) and market development (Austrade).  The Australian High Commission in Colombo encourages all Australians travelling to Sri Lanka or the Maldives to register on-line.For information on applying for a passport please refer to their Services for Australians section.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship - Australia - (Sri Lanka)

Information to help you find the right Australian visa.Information to help you learn about settling in Australia, learning English and Australia's diversity and values.Information to help you apply for Australian citizenship.For people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia. Includes details of Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program. Includes information for employers about sponsoring skilled people to work in Australia.

Australian Migration Centre - Sri Lanka

Australian Migration Centre specialises in Skilled Migration and was established to cater the needs of clients from around the world, who seeks professional, accurate and speedy skilled migration advice to Australia. We offer the fastest migration advice through our Online Migration Centre. Our professional migration consultants are dedicated to provide fast and most appropriate expert advice to you that best suit your personal circumstances. Thousands of clients visit our website each day, seeking migration advice, and we catered their needs by providing migration advice with in 24 hours, helping them to avoid costly conventional-style advice.

Facebook group - Australian Migration Centre

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