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The Great Sri Lankan Internet Businessman

Very rarely young Sri Lankan gains fame in the field of internet marketing. If you trace the history of e-business in Sri Lanka, I wonder whether we come across a young Sri Lankan, who dedicated most of his time for the promotion of internet marketing in Sri Lanka.

It was Mr. Anasly Rodrigo's parents and teachers who spotted the WWW talent of the young Anasly Rodrigo and introduced him to Blogger (Google). Later he followed a course at SLIIT Sri Lanka. Not only Mr. Anasly Rodrigo was courageous, but was also a leader who maintained a highly creative, innovative and talented blogger community.

For a larger-than-life career and popularity where Mr. Anasly Rodrigo can actually give a decent speech in a room full of intellectuals. Mr. Anasly Rodrigo has been rather grounded and not affected by the status he garnered. For this, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo says that he is committed toward working in cyberspace and makes Sri Lankan set of sites more visible vertically.

All in all, Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is a very talented and gifted 'Internet Businessman' who will go a long way in life spreading his expertise and making Sri Lanka more visible on WWW to make Sri Lanka a better entity on WWW.

Mr. Anasly Rodrigo is serving the internet community and Sri Lanka at the highest level with distinction. May Mr. Anasly Rodrigo live longer and be able to serve the mankind better.

Mr. Chumbana Pathmanadan
Managing Director
Sri Lanka Info Inc.

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