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According to the OALD (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary) a portal is "a large, impressive gate or entrance to a building". Second definition is "a website that is used as a point of entry to the Internet, where information has been collected that will be useful to a person interested in particular kind of things". OK, if you are still unclear about the meaning of the 'portal' it is something like which serves as your gateway to sri lankan web space (large and impressive terms are also applicable to Sri Lanka Portal).

Government of Sri Lanka - Official Web Portal - Sri Lanka

Contains all ministries, departments, statutory boards, public companies, provincial councils, press releases and public directory. You will be offered to select preferred language at entrance. You will then be presented with Official Web Portal of Government of Sri Lanka. Find Ministries, Departments, Provincial Councils, District Secretariats, Divisional Secretariats, Local Authorities, Statutory Boards, Public Companies of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Official Web Portal present you with a live news feed from Find links to Currency, Weather, Government Holidays and Gazettes of Sri Lanka. This site is powered by Information and Communication Technology Agency(ICTA) Sri Lanka.

Our Lanka .com- Sri Lanka

Our Lanka Says "Sri Lankan exclusive web directory for Internet sites of Sri Lanka. Links to the best of lankan news, sports, business, finance, computers, weather, entertainment, music, government, embassies and many more" as their web site description. View Source of the home page of Our Lanka. This is true. Find out valuable information regarding Sri Lanka at Our Lanka, the Sri Lanka web portal with Sri Lankan links and news. In Lanka reviews section find out reviews of Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Adams Peak, Hortan Plains, Sigiriya, Negombo, Kandy, Galle, Colombo and Anuradhapura. Site offers news section and forum section. Exclusive web directory of Sri Lanka will able to cater your information needs.

Sri Lanka Portal .info- Sri Lanka

"Welcome to Sri Lanka We are giving all about Sri Lanka details to explore the Sri Lanka. This is the best place to travel in the world." Says Sri Lanka Portal .info. This is indeed a portal. Find links to Sinhala news papers such as Lankadeepa, Divayina, Dinamina, Lakbima, Silumina, rivira, etc... Find links to Almost all the major English and Tamil Newspapers. If you find checking mail is forgetting get used to this site you will find to links to yahoo mail, AOL mail and GMail links at Sri Lanka This website is designed by The main categories are Travel, Shopping, Fashion and Entertainment. Find links to Ancient Places, Arts and Crafts, Sri Lanka Culture, Sri Lanka Wildlife, Sri Lanka information, Sri Lanka Map, etc. at Sri Lanka Portal .info.

Lanka .net- Sri Lanka

Read the latest Sri Lankan news at Home page. You can login to the Sri Lanka net web mail from the site - Sri Lanka Net - Sri Lanka e identity. View Daily Exchange rates. Find links to Local News papers at Lanka .net.

Sri Lanka Country Portal- Sri Lanka

At Sri Lanka Country Portal users are allowed to sign in and change the page layout to their preference and many more more customized services are accessible thereafter to match the individual requirements. View National Lottery Board lottery results. (Jayawiru, Jathika Sampatha, Mahajana Sampatha, Govi Setha and many more...). Visit Sri Lanka Country Portal to view exchange rates and policy rates of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Conveniently select your preferred language and adjust the font size. View news section powered by Department of Government Information - Sri Lanka. Find links to Government Information Center - Sri Lanka (1919). This web site is powered by ICTA - Sri Lanka(Ideas Actioned).

Sri Lanka Portal- Sri Lanka

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