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Demystifying Web Portal Technology

Sri Lanka web portal has a long standing interest in trying to initiate a strong, informative and user friendly web portal in Sri Lanka that may scale up to those existing in the developed countries over a period of time. Given the unprecedented awakening of the Sri Lanka nation 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' believes this would be the prime time to begin this web portal and increase the interest among relevant parties. The purpose of this web portal is to create a platform for a long needed information requirement to explore Sri Lankan Web sites. It seems that there is a little faith in web portals due to the feeling that world has missed so called 'Web Portal revolution'. The point 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' raise here is "Do we really need a web portal revolution to establish a web portal unique to Sri Lanka as well as based on available Sri Lankan web sites?"

Less marketing and more web site information

Sri Lanka web portal is an independent top performing web portal providing almost all the sections of Sri Lankan web space delivered at a premium location on world wide web (i.e. at @ Blogger, Google). 'Sri Lanka Web Portal’ is one of the largest web portals to get maximum user satisfaction in providing invaluable information on the state of Sri Lankan web sphere. 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' also provides public search help (with search engine giants like Google and Yahoo) and internal company training specializing in all areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

Change for the better - Turn to Sri Lanka Web Portal

Sri Lanka Web Portal use extensive technical staff. This enables 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' to reach its customers/visitors at the same standard globally as all its materials are on line and there are extensive resources of web sites in Sri Lanka Web Portal's the first of its kind web portal blog (web portal blog = web portablog). Provided by Sri Lanka Web Portals hot and pretty Graphic designers along with our amazing artists guided by our web design team and most importantly 'Sri Lanka Web Portal's Team Spirit' that led 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' to live up to all expectations and emerge champions of web portal industry in Sri Lanka.

The all new web site info at 'Sri Lanka Web Portal'

It is said that the 'best defense is a good offence'. In times of change it is imperative that you are equipped with the best defense to remain afloat. Sri Lanka Web Portal, the pioneer web portal in Sri Lanka presents you with just that. Presented with outstanding web site lists and exceptional graphics, our service is twofold. Firstly, Sri Lanka Web Portal possesses the most diverse collection of web site listings from Sri Lankan Web sites; from Sri Lankan schools to Sri Lankan elections, from Sri Lankan television channels to Sri Lankan Sinhala blog directories. Secondly we have good graphic designers and developers (JavaScript/HTML, etc.) making us more ready to tackle with Sri Lankan web space. 'Sri Lanka Web Portal’ provides you with an ideal stepping stone to tackle Sri Lankan Web Space with the immense support of a prominent list of web sites which prepared believing a holistic approach to the art of Sri Lankan Web Portals.

To put it simply, 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' believe in going beyond the principles and theory in giving you a wider view of Sri Lankan Web Space, by bringing in the immense technical and marketing expertise 'Sri Lanka Web Portal' possess into this BlogSpot blog

Sarath Bandula
Adviser to 'Sri Lanka Web Portal'

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