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Sri Lanka Elections

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Department of Elections - Sri Lanka

The principal objective of the department of elections is to conduct Presidential, Parliamentary, Provincial and Local Elections and the Holding of Referendum in a free and fair manner. At home of Department of Elections Sri Lanka, you can download circulars and notices related to elections of Sri Lanka. Find instructions for nominations to political parties. News section shows you the overview of what’s happening regarding elections in Sri Lanka. Read about history of Sri Lankan elections. Learn the electoral process in Sri Lanka.

Read about political parties. Press room gives you information regarding the press releases of department of elections Sri Lanka. Read about past elections of Sri Lanka. Find contact information and more. Information in department of elections website is also categorized according to type of the election. E.g. presidential, general, provincial council and local authorities.

Island Election Centre - Sri Lanka

Find the most updated content on Sri Lankan election arena at home page of Island Election Center, Sri Lanka. See the MP list and read their manifestos. Read feature articles. Image gallery contains a rare collection of election related photographs. Participate in 'Opinion polls'. Guess 'Who would win the election'. - Sri Lanka

You can cast your vote online their and see who will win before the actual results are out by participating the poll at home page of Manthree - Sri Lanka. Find out political history of Sri Lanka at You can receive election results online as they released by staying connected with Manthree - Sri Lanka. Find election related documents.

Find links to all major political parties’ websites that are participating to the election of Sri Lanka. You can receive current election results and election results summery instantly using a special section of the home page of Manthree Sri Lanka.

Read Sri Lanka Political Parties here

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