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Sri Lanka - Human Rights

Every human is born with certain basic rights such as life, health, freedom and protection against exploitation and crime. These rights are not something granted by any individual or the government. They are rights common to every human in this world. However, it is not uncommon to find those rights being exploited especially those of victims of war, prisoners, slaves, the poor and illiterate people. Human rights are often violated by individuals, the police, and the military and even by the governments of various countries.

United Nations - Human Rights

The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 10, 1948. It enumerates the basic human rights, namely the right to free speech, freedom, judicial rights to take part in governance of their country. Further, human rights include the right to live with dignity, the right to rest and recreation and the right to equal pay for equal work.

But the below is A girl performs domestic labor in a rural Mauritanian encampment. The International Labor Organization estimates there are at least 10 million working children in Africa alone. This photo is taken from the home page of UN Human Rights. Visit their from the above link.

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka's vision is to 'ensure human rights for all, and to promote and protect the rule of law'. Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka's mission is to develop a better human rights culture in Sri Lanka through protecting and promoting human rights for all in law, policy and practice, adhering to universally recognized human rights norms and principles...Visit Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka to read all these and more.

You can find 'Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act' and 'Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Brochures' at home page. Documentation center provides other useful documents of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. Download application forms and register of civil societies. Sign up with Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka to receive email newsletters.

AHRC - Sri Lanka Human Rights - Sri Lanka

Read and get informed about urgent appeals, statements and press releases of Sri Lanka Human Rights. You can find links 'to repeal the PTA in Sri Lanka online petition' at Sri Lanka Human Rights. Learn about 'rule of law in Sri Lanka'. Read on UN monitoring mission for Sri Lanka.

Home for Human Rights - Sri Lanka

Home for Human Rights - Sri Lanka from the above link. Human rights should be protected by everyone to ensure a better future for all citizens of a country.

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The Narahaenpita Police officers Fine the innocent predestrines due not crossing in the predestrine crossing. Most of the victims are poor villagemen come to EPf Dept and patients rush through to private hospitals ladies rush to offices before red line marking after finishing immense household work at home. There is no proper predestrine crossing at Narahenpita Labour area. They have to far away to work to cross the road. That is against human rights. Merciless police officers with out guiding to public at Narahenpita Labour area put the innocent people to trouble. These merciless officers Prime motive is to collect fine from innocent public.

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