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Sri Lanka Portal | Even more determined

Sri Lanka Portal continues to remain the undisputed cyberspace leader for over eight months due to the implicit trust reposed by millions of readers/visitors from all walks of life. During this period, Sri Lanka Portal made a worthy contribution to the world as a responsible Sri Lankan web portal.


In doing so, Sri Lanka Portal simultaneously took on the challenge of waging the war against bad web sites and embarking on massive web development projects. Development work was not hampered due to the battle and the WHEREWITHAL was found to set up new web projects.

Sri Lanka Portal is now even more determined to win the web portal war, the future belongs to one and all and unity amount Sri Lankan Web sites should be promoted at all costs. Web site listing injustice is today a thing of the past.


Promoting stronger bonds of unity among Sri Lankan websites is the need of the hour. Sri Lankan web sites must work together irrespective of host, domain, and page rank and make Sri Lankan web space more informative.

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